Orbit Computer Services specializes in hardware and network support for small business. We have been offering computer support services in the Vancouver area since 1999 and have 20 plus years of experience in the maintenance of networks and computer systems.

Our strategy is to concentrate on the basic building blocks of business systems - servers, workstations and network hardware and use our expertise to ensure your system is never let down by unreliable equipment. We will work with your software vendors to build systems to match their specifications and maximize performance.

If you are a small business owner and want to concentrate on building your business we can help you with high availability systems at a very reasonable cost. 

As a business owner I understand that a reliable computer system is key to a growing and profitable enterprise - Dan Strom, President, Orbit Computer Services.

Contact me directly to learn what we can do for you.

Email: dstrom@orbitcomputer.ca

Office: 604-937-5867